Can you bring Scissors on a Plane?

For people who love to travel, whether it’s for vacations or a business trip, one of the things to know is whether or not they can bring certain items. Scissors and other sharp items are one of the things that most people would want to know about if they were allowed to bring them on the plane.

It is very important to know whether or not the items you are bringing are allowed on the plane. Can you bring Scissors on a Plane? Please read below if you have questions on your mind about whether scissors and other things are allowed inside an airplane.

TSA on scissors in carry-on or checked luggage

Scissors and other sharp, pointy objects can be used as weapons to hurt people. That’s why to prevent situations like this from happening, the TSA or the Transportation Security Administration, put down some rules about carrying scissors on an airplane.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, scissors are allowed on the plane as long as the blades are less than four inches from the hinge point to the tip of the blade. You can take them in your checked baggage or in your hand luggage.

You cannot get through security if the x-ray machine detected scissors four inches long or longer. Your carry-on bag will be set aside and searched and the scissors will be confiscated.

However, if the scissors are found in checked baggage, regardless of the size of the blade, they must be wrapped securely to prevent damage and injury to the person handling the baggage.

Cuticle scissors and tweezers on a plane

The Transportation Security Administration allows most nail care tools to be carried in your carry-on luggage. These include tweezers, toenail nippers, cuticle scissors, and other nail tools. But you still need to maintain safety practices when transporting these kinds of things. Make sure they are well wrapped.

Cuticle scissors should be within four inches of the pivot point if you want to take them on the plane, and they should be well wrapped if you plan to check them in. You can also carry tweezers inside your carry-on bag or checked baggage. There is no specific mention of the size of the tongs that you can carry.
For other nail products, such as nail polish and cuticle remover, they will fall under the liquid category. This means that you should only carry the maximum amount of liquid, which is 100 ml, and place them inside a clear quart bag.


You can pack as many scissors as you like in your checked baggage, just make sure they’re well wrapped and baggage handlers won’t get hurt if they’re inspecting your bag.

can you bring scissors on a plane


Scissors in carry-on baggage may not have blades longer than 4 inches. You may carry scissors in your carry-on baggage if the blades are less than 4 inches as measured from the pivot point.

Manicure scissors on a plane

For most manicure tools, the TSA does not prohibit people from carrying them, except for manicure scissors that have blades longer than four inches. If the blades are longer than four inches, you can put your manicure scissors in your check bag and be sure to wrap them securely for safety.

Kids’ scissors on a plane

Children’s scissors are definitely allowed on the plane. These small scissors are the safest compared to other types of scissors because they have smaller blades that are less than 4 inches. They may not cause any harm to airport security or other passengers. These are the perfect little scissors if you ever need or use them during your plane ride. Remember to wrap it properly if you want to check them in for security reasons.

Almost all scissors have practically the same rule. This means that all other scissors, such as hair scissors, kitchen shears, small garden shears, nail scissors, and small garden clippers, are fine to put in your handbag as long as they have less 4 inches and have no checked baggage restrictions. On the other hand, all scissors greater than four inches from the pivot point must be registered.

How to pack your scissors correctly when you fly?

Packing Your Scissors Properly It is very important to make sure that no one gets hurt and no items are damaged while on a plane. Whether you bring your small folding safety shears with you in your purse or checked luggage, the best way to pack them is by using a small scissor sheath or sheaths or you can use scissor holders, especially if you’re going to be carrying more than a couple of pair of scissors. If you are hesitant to carry normal scissors, portable electric scissors will be the ideal choice because they are very practical and have smaller blades. Avoid carrying long shovels to avoid discomfort.

What scissors can you take on a plane?

You can take any type of scissors on an airplane as long as the blades leaving the pivot point are no more than four inches long. If they are larger than four inches, you must pack them in your checked baggage. The best scissors for traveling are folding safety scissors or children’s scissors.

The TSA’s answer is pretty clear: All types of scissors should be allowed in checked baggage.

It’s the scissors in your carry-on that’s a bit trickier.

General rules for the carriage of piercing and cutting objects in an aircraft

Unfortunately, 99% of airlines around the world prohibit taking nail scissors on board the aircraft. The carriage of piercing and cutting objects is strictly prohibited. There is no place for such items in hand luggage, even if you pack them in a special box and close them securely. The very first screening will lead to the fact that the airport employee will be forced to remove the scissors and simply throw them away. In some cases, you may even be fined.


You get the idea.

There are no officially TSA approved scissors.
Small scissors are fine to carry in carry-on luggage, scissors with long blades are not.

If you show up at security and your scissors are too big, the TSA officer will confiscate them.

Sometimes he just needs to measure his scissors before flying and see if they’ll be allowed through security.

That’s all about it! Have a safe flight!


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