Places to Travel Without a Passport in 2023

Is an ID card sufficient or do I need a passport? And what about a visa? Is the entry permit available at the airport or do I have to apply for it beforehand? Places to travel without a passport in 2023.

If you are thinking of going on vacation or doing another activity, learn about the destinations you can enter only by showing your National Identity Document

The National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur) predicted that domestic tourism trips would increase by more than 50% in 2022. The reactivation of this sector is not only important for the country’s economy, but also for continuing to promote culture and tourist destinations that can be found in the regions.

Therefore, if you have made the decision to resume your plans to travel the world, this information will be very useful. This is because there are several destinations that are available to visit in the midst of the pandemic, which you can access without a visa or passport. The only document to show will be your DNI or National Identity Document.


Locating ourselves first in Latin America, these are the destinations to which we can travel without doing any type of procedure, since we will only need to show our ID, which must not be expired. Places to travel without a passport in 2023.

Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. Thanks of the Andean Community of Nations (CAN) that allow travel between Peru and these countries without the need for a visa or passport. Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. Thanks to bilateral agreements that exempt you from using your Passport on tourist trips.

What is the Andean Community of Nations?

It is a leading international organization in integration on the continent, which works to improve the quality of life of 111 million Andean citizens. It has various bodies and institutions that make up the Andean Integration System (SAI), whose objective is to achieve comprehensive, balanced and autonomous development, through Andean integration, with a projection towards South American and Latin American integration.


These destinations are divided into three groups. It is not required to do any kind of extra procedure to enter the territory, but it is recommended that you review the restrictions that each one issues in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, from the days of isolation, diagnoses, curfew, and more.

South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Suriname and Uruguay and Venezuela.

Central America and the Caribbean: Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bonaire, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Saba and Saint Eustacius.

Asia and Middle East: Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Lebanon, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Turkey. An agreement was recently formed to be able to enter Qatar without a visa.




Yes, we can enter certain countries thanks to the Agreement between Peru and the European Union, which allows Peruvians to enter and remain visa-free in 30 countries for a short stay of up to 90 days, whether continuous or not, within a specified period of 180 days. It should be noted that the United Kingdom and Ireland are not considered.


During your trip, it is totally forbidden to stay in one of the countries or look for work. The only requirement to meet is that you must have the biometric passport.

Research Your Destination

The first step in planning a trip without a passport is to research your destination. Not all countries require a passport for entry, so you’ll need to find out if the country you’re planning to visit is one of them. Some countries, such as Mexico, Canada, and most Caribbean islands, allow entry for U.S. citizens with just a government-issued ID such as a driver’s license. Additionally, some countries in Europe and Asia, such as Turkey and Taiwan, offer visa-free entry for U.S. citizens for a certain period of time.


What countries in Europe can you visit without a visa?


Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, France, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Sweden , Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland.


It is worth mentioning that in the global ranking designed by the Passport Index page, Peru appears in 22nd place, sharing position with Barbados. The country has a score of 124, which means that 78 countries can be entered only with a passport, 46 countries grant a visa upon arrival, and 74 nations request a visa as a requirement.


These are the indications provided by the Peruvian State for air transport during the state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • If you are in Lima, you can arrive at the airport up to 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. For the rest of the airports nationwide, you can do it up to 2 hours in advance.
  • You must maintain a physical distance of at least one meter from other people
  • You must use a double mask or a KN95 at all times, except for children under 2 years of age.
  • Check the signage for waiting areas, queues and other indications of the airport authority.
  • You must fill out the Affidavit of Health, geolocation authorization and submit a molecular test (PCR) or antigen with a negative result within 72 hours prior to your trip. This is an essential requirement for you to be authorized to enter the plane.


Tips for traveling abroad

ChileAtiende provides a series of recommendations for traveling outside the country. Some of them are:

  • Take into account the health situation of the country.
  • Follow WHO recommendations (frequent hand washing and physical distancing).
  • Have the documentation in good condition.



Unfortunately, in every ranking there are winners as well as losers: the countries and nationalities that are least able to move around freely with their passports. Many of these countries are mostly characterized by war, oppression, political persecution and dictatorship, so that the ranking can also be explained by the poorer quality of life and the lack of democracy, which of course also affects a country’s foreign policy.Places to travel without a passport in 2023.

In conclusion, there are many amazing places to travel within the United States that do not require a passport. From the tropical paradise of Hawaii to the rugged beauty of Alaska, these destinations offer the same level of excitement and adventure as international travel.

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