Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

When traveling, people also need to feel their own safety. As a result, many travelers have a desire to take a can with them. Q: Can you bring pepper spray on a plane?

Currently it is not possible to take an anti-rape or pepper spray on a plane and the only option is the one offered by some companies to check it in as part of your luggage. In addition, you must bear in mind that it is possible that the type of anti-rape spray that you want to carry is legal in your country, but not in other parts of the world, so before taking it with you, you must know the regulations of the country that as We say, it differs from one country to another

Rules for carrying pepper spray on an airplane

If the traveler’s flight passes through the territory of the Russian Federation, then there should be no problems with the transportation of the spray can. Since the general rules for the transportation of self-defense equipment apply throughout the Russian Federation.

Pepper Spray in Airplane Guidelines

German and international airlines adhere to the guidelines of the International Air Transport Association when taking pepper spray on planes. IATA is an aviation industry association. This represents the interests of the airlines and regulates the baggage transport process. From the passenger’s point of view, traveling to America with different airlines will be unproblematic. The ticket is accepted by all airlines when booking. Furthermore, all airports have their unique 3-digit code. The Frankfurt identifier is FK0, Mallorca has the identifier PMI.

The guidelines for pepper spray on planes or hand luggage say: No to taking it in your hand luggage or pepper spray in your suitcase.

Pepper spray on the plane Exception:

  • The pressure tank can hold a maximum of 100ml.
  • 1x 100ml pressure tank per person is allowed.
  • The pressure vessel must be transported in a transparent, resealable plastic bag.
  • The bag must be presented at the security checkpoint without being asked.
  • Before the flight, you should clarify with the airline whether you can take it with you

However, the decision-making authority always lies with the employee at the security checkpoint


Can you bring pepper spray on a plane in hand luggage?

It is forbidden to carry a gas canister on an airplane with hand luggage. You don’t even try to get into the cabin with a gas spray, because when checking hand luggage, the pepper spray will at least be taken away by the airport security staff, and at the maximum they will not be allowed on board the aircraft at all, they will write out a protocol, a fine. Although the spray can is not a combustible, poisonous agent, international rules for the carriage of hand luggage state that it is forbidden to take items that can harm other people.


Can i bring pepper spray on a plane in luggage?

It is allowed to carry a gas canister on an airplane in luggage. But, it is better to put the can deeper.

This applies to the territory of the Russian Federation. Carrying cans abroad is almost always prohibited.

The PA-2 aerosol gun must be disassembled before being put into luggage, because during the check the airport staff will see the gun, this will cause additional questions for you.


The regulations on pepper spray for the individual airlines

Pepper spray at Lufthansa
Lufthansa’s regulations are clear in themselves, but exceptions may be made for pepper spray, as the spray falls under the category of spray cans. An explicit request can then lead to an exemption, so that the pepper spray can be taken in the suitcase with Lufthansa.

Pepper spray at easyJet
easyJet simply classifies everything as dangerous goods. There are no exceptions.

Pepper spray on Ryanair
Ryanair excludes taking it on board. There are no exceptions.

Pepper spray at Condor
In principle, it is not possible to take pepper spray with you at Condor. However, there are exceptions to this. This means that you may be able to carry the spray in your hand luggage.

Pepper spray at Germanwings
Germanwings also ruled out taking pepper spray on planes.

Pepper spray at Emirates
Emirates also rules out taking pepper spray on planes. It is also not allowed to carry pepper spray in your suitcase at Emirates.

Transportation Security Administration guidelines

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has strict guidelines on what can and cannot be brought on a plane, and pepper spray falls into the latter category.

It is important to note that pepper spray is considered a prohibited item by the TSA, which means that it cannot be brought through the security checkpoint or onto the plane. This includes both checked and carry-on baggage. If you attempt to bring pepper spray on a plane, it will be confiscated and you may face penalties, including fines or even arrest.

There are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are a law enforcement officer or a member of the military, you may be able to bring pepper spray onto a plane if it is part of your official duties. However, you will need to provide proper identification and documentation to the TSA in order to do so.

Which countries ban pepper gas?

Far from everywhere, a gas spray is allowed as a civilian weapon.

As written above, the list of countries that ban the gas spray includes all Scandinavian countries. In fact, pepper spray is allowed there, for this you need to purchase licenses. Can you take pepper spray on a plane?

United Kingdom. This is a country with perhaps the most cruel rules on carrying weapons and other means of defense.

  • Benelux
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • Malta
  • Cyprus
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • United States of America (USA)
  • Exceptions are: Washington, Wisconsin, Michigan, California and New Jersey.

Different airlines have their own rules on this matter, before the flight, carefully read the rules for carrying baggage and hand luggage.

Pepper, gas spray may not be noticed, or just close your eyes to it, but this is a risk and can threaten you with problems. Therefore, it is better to act within the law. There are various alternatives for self-defense against pushers, as discussed above. Take care of yourself, loved ones. Happy travels, reader!






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