Can you bring razor on the plane?

Having your beard and body hair care kit allows you to always look impeccable wherever you go. However, on a plane trip there are different prohibited products, such as sharp elements (for example); that raise reasonable doubts about what happens to razor blades.


As you know, non-compliant items may be held by airport security. For this reason, before getting on the plane, it is common to ask ourselves things like,Can you bring razor on the plane?

Yes, razors can be brought on the plane, as long as they are not products with large, exposed blades. In your hand luggage you can safely transport encapsulated razors, disposable, removable and electric. However, loose razor blades and open razors are generally prohibited.

The situation is somewhat different with the suitcases that go in the hold, where there are usually no limitations: razors, knives, razor blades and other liquid products are allowed; therefore, they are not considered a risk as they are inaccessible to passengers.

Can razors be carried in hand luggage on the plane?


I am sure that many of you have ever wondered if you can take razors on the plane. It may seem obvious to leave razors out as they can cut, but it’s not as simple as that.

In this post we will solve all your doubts, explaining in detail what types of razors are accepted by the different airlines and which are not. Read on to find out

The answer is yes, although razors can be used for cutting, they can be carried on a plane in your hand luggage, but keep in mind that only certain types of razors are allowed!

Make sure you bring the proper blades or else they will be confiscated by airport security at the checkpoint. Also, you want to make sure they are properly covered so you don’t accidentally cut yourself reaching into your luggage.

It is important to add that the use of disposable razors is also allowed in checked baggage

Can you bring a razor on plane board?


Yes, disposable razors (razors or razors) are allowed on the plane, both in carry-on baggage and checked baggage. If you put it in hand luggage, be sure to apply the plastic cover to its leaves so you don’t have any problems with security control. Razors allowed in carry-on baggage include razors with replaceable heads.


Keep in mind that, in this case, what is prohibited in hand baggage is allowed in checked baggage. Accordingly, you can transport razors of any type in checked baggage; including razors and loose blades.


The same goes for liquids, like shaving foam, lotions, and gels; that you can take with you in the hold suitcase without restrictions.


Can you bring razor on the plane in your travel suitcase?


Razors are an essential item for your barber kit, which are allowed on the plane. However, you must be careful when storing it, as they are only allowed in checked baggage and cannot be transported inside cabin luggage.

This occurs because a knife in the wrong hands can become a lethal weapon. Therefore, if you want to take your razor on the trip, yes or yes, you can take it in your checked suitcase as indicated in the Aena regulations.


Is it possible to carry razor blades in luggage?


What has been said for freehand razors also applies to single razor blades. Well, they cannot be carried in hand luggage, but they can be checked in and carried in the hold of the plane. Can you bring razor on the plane?

In this case, you could also evaluate buying them at the destination, since they represent a small expense. On the other hand, the spare blades of the removable razors are usually allowed in the cabin suitcase if there are few units.


Shaving kit allowed for the flight

Please note that liquid products used in shaving, such as shaving creams, foams, lotions or gels, follow the restrictive guidelines for liquids. Also, remember that you must first review the security measures of the airline you are traveling with.


Electric shaver


You may have doubts about whether you can count on your electric shaver. But, you shouldn’t worry about it either, since you can take your electric shaver on board; both in your hand luggage and in your checked bag.

In fact, this electrical device does not have the limitations that fall on the blades. The same argument can easily be applied to other similar devices such as hair clippers or beard trimmers.

Can you take shaving cream on a plane?

You may also be wondering if you can take shaving cream on a plane or not.

Shaving cream is allowed, but it is considered a liquid, so you must follow the standard rules about packaging liquids.

This means that the shaving cream or gel container must be 100 ml or smaller and must fit inside your liquid bag if you want to carry it in your hand luggage.

On the contrary, if you want to take your shaving cream inside checked luggage, there is no problem with the dimensions, however, we recommend that you make sure that it is well closed and protected to prevent the foam from escaping and dirtying or staining. the other items in the backpack.


Soap or shaving foam


Your beard needs to be prepared in the best way for shaving. But can you take shaving foam with you when you travel? The answer is basically yes, although the amount allowed will vary depending on the type of luggage.

However, you can only carry a small amount of shaving gels, creams or foams in your cabin bag; As they are liquids that have restrictions: the maximum size of the container where it is transported must be 100 ml and be inside a transparent bag of a maximum of one liter.

However, you can pack unlimited amounts of shaving cream and other liquids in your checked bag.

After lotion shave

It is essential to look good, so you can incorporate some care products to help you before and after shaving. Wearing an after shave is a good idea to regenerate the skin. Just keep in mind that it can be transported in an amount of less than 100 ml, in small containers inside the cabin suitcase.


Tweezers are essential at times as they precisely remove unwanted hair from your face or beard. The good news is that they can be carried in hand luggage and in checked luggage in the hold.


At the end of whole discussion you can bring razor on plane. But the condition is that you can bring razor without blade because you know that blade is dangerous that’s why it is banned.

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