Can you bring deodorant on the plane?

Before a plane trip, it is common to doubt about some limitations that luggage has; especially in personal hygiene products such as deodorant. So can you bring deodorant on a plane? And it is understandable, since those flammable gases contained in aerosols can cause confusion.

You must be careful when anticipating your suitcases, because it may happen that some item does not pass the security controls. For this reason, and knowing that there are certain restrictions, it is common to ask yourself: can you bring deodorant on a plane?

Yes, you can take spray deodorant on the plane. As it is a liquid, for hand luggage it can be transported in a transparent bag of 1 L maximum; and, the deodorant itself, should not have more than 100 ml (both in its aerosol and roll-on versions). Luckily, the checked bags that we send to the hold have greater freedoms and can carry deodorants without restrictions.

Nor do we forget that running, rushing, excitement and nerves encourage us to sweat more than necessary in these circumstances.

Regulations for liquids in detail

  • Each container can contain a maximum of 100 ml.
  • The 100 ml only corresponds to the maximum quantity printed on the container.
  • Containers of more than 100 ml are not allowed, even if they are half full.
  • All containers must be packed in a transparent plastic bag with an opening/closing system.
  • Only one bag per passenger is allowed.
  • The plastic bag must have a maximum capacity of 1 liter.
  • The clear bag of liquids should measure approximately 20 x 20 cm.
  • There are no limits on the number of containers; although, the bag should be easy to close.


Therefore; nothing prevents you from taking a spray deodorant on the plane inside your hand luggage. But remember to abide by the following rules:

That the container does not exceed 100 ml.
That it go inside a transparent plastic bag with self-closing whose measurements should not be greater than 20 x 20 cm. Do not forget that to speed up the inspection and avoid delays, the bag must go outside of hand luggage. Thus, it will be in view of the airport staff when you pass through the corresponding security arch.
If it turns out that the one you usually use belongs to our NIVEA brand, you are in luck because we have been paying attention to this detail for a long time, so we have several of our most famous spray deodorants, such as the NIVEA Black & White Invisible pocket formats in their female and male versions. In this way, they can accompany you at all times as they strictly comply with the regulations.


And yes, roll-on deodorant shares the same fate as its spray or aerosol counterpart and you can keep it very close to you during the flight because its content is usually a maximum of 50 ml. In this way, you will be calm when you go down since you will know that your body odor will be kept at bay thanks to the action of your deodorant. Quite a relief if a work meeting awaits you as soon as you arrive at your destination or who is going to receive you is your partner. However, the highly effective 48-hour NIVEA deodorants mean you don’t need to ‘touch up’ your underarms during travel, with few exceptions.

Our Dry Confort, with a capacity of 50 ml, is a great and trustworthy choice for those who want to have their deodorant always ready. It does not contain alcohol; it is antiperspirant and is capable of offering you 48 hours of effective protection. But if you prefer another of our deodorants in roll-on format, any of them can accompany you in the cabin, since none exceeds the 100 ml allowed.


But despite the fact that all these safety recommendations are practically vox populi, there are still those who believe that with your usual deodorant you will be able to travel in the cabin without the security managers opposing it. Most likely, it will end up in the trash can along with countless other products that do not pass the controls either. A pity, right? All because of a bad forecast.

So we are composed and without deodorant. The truth is that travel deodorants have won the game for a long time since they bring peace of mind to travelers, especially those who want to leave everything well tied up.


Can you bring deodorant on a plane of more than 100ml in hand luggage?

The answer is no, but there is an exception. As we mentioned, the deodorant you bring from home must respect the limitations of liquids for hand luggage. Can you bring deodorant on a plane?

However, deodorants purchased in airport duty free shops prior to security control may exceed 100 ml per unit; with the following recommendations:

  • Do not open the original packaging or remove the product, until you reach the final destination.
  • Keep the purchase receipt, as they may ask you for it.
  • Pass the product separately when you arrive at the airport security control.
  • Find out about the regulations of the country you are traveling to and confirm that the product is not prohibited.


On the other hand, if you do not intend to carry the deodorant in your hand luggage and prefer to check it in your suitcase, these security considerations will not matter.

In this case, there is no limit to these products in terms of capacity and you can put it in your suitcase without even stopping to think about its dimensions. Although it is always advisable to opt for a travel format or a roll on to optimize the space of our suitcase. So you would do well to get one.


If you choose to check it in, don’t forget to apply your deodorant before leaving home for the airport. Usually it lasts up to 48 hours, so there is nothing to fear! Although it is true that some people, as we said, feel more comfortable if they have it safely with them.


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