Can you bring a lighter on a plane in 2023?

If you are a smoker and you keep it traveling or soon you will, surely you have wondered that Can you bring a lighter on a plane? with you while you arrive at your destination. Lighters can be very dangerous, so there are certain rules and restrictions to keep you safe on the flight. In this article you will find detailed and useful information about  lighters and electronic lighters on the plane.

In all airports there is a security protocol where passengers before boarding must go through a metal detector arch and their hand luggage must enter through an X-ray scanner. All this in order to avoid the entry of prohibited and dangerous objects during the trip. Therefore, it is very important to plan and pack everything in advance to make your trip through security easier.

In this article we will focus on answering that frequent question from smokers: Can I take a lighter on the plane? Although it is true that there are some restrictions as security measures, it is also true that in some cases there are exceptions but always keeping in mind a protocol for the safety of all passengers during the trip.


So, can I take a lighter on the plane?

Surprisingly yes, but only certain types of cigarette lighters and only in certain circumstances. The difference is whether you carry it in your carry-on, checked baggage or takes it with you, so make sure you know all the basic rules for transporting lighters on the plane and you will only know this if you continue reading. We will reveal everything you need to know about lighters and their proper transportation by plane.

Also, you cannot miss the complete list of things that you cannot take on a plane to know with greater certainty what you should and should not pack.

Is Bringing A Lighter On A Plane Allowed?

When it comes to flying with a lighter, safety regulations are of the utmost importance. If you plan on bringing a lighter on board an aircraft, be sure to check your airline’s policy and familiarize yourself with any restrictions that may apply.

In general, most airlines do not allow lighters that use butane or other flammable liquids as they can create sparks which could potentially lead to fire hazards in the cabin atmosphere. Disposable and Zippo-style lighters are usually allowed if kept with carry-on items; however, some airlines may require these types of lighters to be placed into checked baggage when traveling internationally due to stricter security measures implemented by certain countries.

It is also important for travelers who bring their own lighter onto an airplane to always keep them out of reach from children onboard for safety reasons.

It is essential that passengers take all necessary precautions before attempting to fly with a lighter so as not put themselves and others at risk during their journey!


Lighter in hand luggage

It is authorized to carry lighters during the plane trip but you can only take one, as long as you carry it with you and not in your hand or checked luggage. However, each airline and airport have their regulations that you should know before traveling. There are airports that allow you to carry your lighter in your hand luggage as long as it is disposable or a Zippo lighter.

You must bear in mind that it is strictly forbidden to light the lighter during the plane trip, so you must keep it in your pocket during the entire trip

Lighter in checked baggage

Due to the danger of lighters, they are never allowed to be carried in checked baggage.This is a measure to prevent an involuntary fire in the cargo area of ​​the plane as this could put the lives of all passengers on the plane at risk.

Can I take an empty lighter?

If you really appreciate a lighter and can’t for the world leave it behind, we have good news. The airlines will allow you to thoroughly empty your lighter and clean it of gasoline or refills, thus allowing you to carry it with you both on you and in your luggage.

In this case, there is no limit to the number of empty lighters that you can take with you during the trip, however, to avoid misunderstandings, add a note confirming that they do not have fuel, in case you carry them in your checked luggage.

Can there be matches on the plane?

Games are allowed on the plane, but only one package per person as long as you keep it with you or in your hand luggage throughout the trip. If you pack more than one, they will be confiscated at the security checkpoint. You should keep in mind that, like lighters, you cannot pack them in checked luggage. It is absolutely prohibited, due to its great threat of fire.

Can I take other flammable objects on the plane?

The answer to this frequently asked question is NO. Those liquids, gels, gases and other flammable products that are highly dangerous for transport by air are strictly prohibited. Here is a list of items NOT allowed in carry-on or checked baggage:

  • Fire extinguishers and other compressed gas cylinders
  • Turpentine, paint thinners
  • recreational oxygen
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers
  • Propane
  • Spray or flammable paint

These are just some of the flammable products that are not allowed to be transported on the plane trip. For much more information about this, you can visit any airline’s website.

You must be very careful not to comply with these regulations, if you do not get prior advice and take with you an item that can easily explode or ignite, it will be confiscated at the airport and it will even cause you problems if you try to travel with any of these flammable items.

On the other hand, it is important that you know that imitation explosives such as toys or counterfeits are also prohibited on planes.


In summary, you will be able to take a lighter with you during your plane trip, as long as you carry it in your pocket or in your hand luggage without using it during the entire trip. Before entering the airport, you can set aside time to smoke a few cigarettes before your trip and with a bit of luck, if you don’t have to wait too long for your checked luggage when you arrive, you can immediately leave the airport for that cigarette that you have been waiting for so much. you missed during your flight.

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