What things should a first time traveler do? These tips help you to enjoy you trip peacefully and safely. You should always remember these tips whenever you travel abroad.

With such a lot to visualize and do, designing your trip is intimidating. However in our aphoristic Balkan state travel guide, you’ll realize nine tips for first-time travelers.

1.Passport and Visa

Check with the Greek embassy or diplomatic building in your country before exploit, regarding visa necessities. Shorter visits might not need a Visa, however it depends on your country of destination. The exception is that if you’re AN EU subject. As a member of the EU, Balkan state doesn’t need visas for European voters.

Greece incorporates a combined total of virtually two hundred embassies and consulates inside its territories. Continuously inform yourself with the situation of your embassy or diplomatic building once traveling. Keep their contact range on your phone, just in case of AN emergency.

2. Safety & Security

Whether during an active metropolis or on a distant island, there are continuously some safety tips that apply to traveling abroad. Balkan state is mostly thought-about a secure place to go to, even for solo feminine travelers. However the generic traveling safety tips apply here, a bit like anyplace else you’ll travel.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended. If you’re road with valuables in your backpack, wear them on the front of your body rather than your back. Build copies of all of your travel documents, and keep them barred at the edifice just in case of emergency. This thing is most important for a first time travelers.

3. Currency issues

Greece may be a member of the ecu Union and uses the monetary unit as its currency. Don’t tip individuals in greenbacks, they’re going to solely be inconvenienced once having to exchange it for Euros. Make sure that you’ve got the correct currency for your keep.

Try to not carry innumerable money, whether or not in Balkan state or the other destination. Carry a travel card loaded with native currency and a moderate quantity of money. VISA and MasterCard are wide accepted. Securities market and Diners don’t seem to be as wide accepted at retailers, though the large hotels settle for all major credit cards.

best tips for first time travelers

4. What to Wear

While there are several things to contemplate once visiting Balkan state, just some individuals listen to the quality of what they pack. Balkan state is extremely liberal concerning article of clothing, particularly on the beach or at a resort by the pool. However that doesn’t mean that you simply a first time travelers.

Part of the joy of traveling to Balkan state is visiting sites of interest like recent monasteries and churches. A number of these are still in use and you’ll be needed to decorate with modesty once coming into them. Girls ought to cowl their knees and shoulders, whereas men ought to wear closed shirts and trousers.

5. Historical Sites prescript

There are myriad historical sites to visualize and explore in Balkan state, and most are receptive the general public. Most of the time, you’ll solely be able to read these places of interest as a part of AN organized tour. However whether or not solo or a part of a bunch, identical rules apply.

Do not bit artifacts while not asking if you’re allowed to. Adhere to the principles of the actual site’s directors. Respect their treasures, and you’ll facilitate to preserve them for several additional years.

Refrain from taking selfies within recent churches and monasteries unless you’ve got been given permission.

6.Climate & Weather

Greece’s climate is preponderantly Mediterranean, however there are wide variations throughout the region thanks to the earth science of the piece of ground. Winters are rainy however delicate, and summers will get very popular. Continuously check the weather outlook before setting off on vacation, in order that you pack acceptable article of clothing and kit.

Traveling is a disagreeable expertise, whether or not you are occurring a business trip or a leisurely vacation. There are such a big amount of things to have confidence, from packing and unpacking to managing tiredness and navigation.

To help you out, we’ve compiled an inventory of straightforward travel tips for first time travelers that may build your life easier and assist you fancy your vacation additional. From designing ahead to creating the foremost of it slow on the plane, the following pointers can assist you cut back stress and build the foremost of your vacation.

7. Plan your vacation activities

Assuming you’ve got already selected your destination, it’s time to begin designing your activities. This could appear to be a frightening task, however with a bit organization and energy, it is simply accomplished.

To start, write down the items you would like to try to whereas on vacation. Once you’ve got your list, analysis the activities and attractions that are on the market in your chosen destination. Several travel websites and guidebooks provide sensible suggestions for things to try to and see.

Once you’ve got a concept of what’s on the market, begin narrowing down your list. Think about what sounds most appealing to you and what would match into your schedule. Also, detain mind any special interests or wants you or your traveling companions might need.

Once you’ve settled on a number of activities, begin creating reservations or arrangements. If you’re going to visit in style attractions, it’s usually useful to book tickets or tours before. This will facilitate avoid long lines or sold-out shows.

Finally, don’t forget to depart some free time in your schedule for exploration and spontaneousness. One among the most effective components of traveling is discovering new places and experiences that you simply didn’t even grasp existed!

8. Start packing early

When it involves packing for a visit, it’s best to begin as early as attainable for a first time travelers. This way, you’ll be able to avoid the unpunctual rush and make sure that you’ve got everything you would like.

To make packing easier, begin by creating an inventory of everything you would like for your trip. Then, a number of days before your departure, begin packing things one by one. Make sure to pack necessities like snug garments and shoes, toiletries, and medications (and the mandatory prescriptions) initial.

When packing, make sure to fastidiously think about what you would like for every day of your trip and pack lightweight. Bring enough article of clothing to remain snug, however don’t over pack as this can simply add unessential weight to your bags.

And just in case you’re still troubled to suit everything into your luggage, think about rolling your garments rather than folding them. This can facilitate save house and stop wrinkles.

In addition, whereas you now not need to pack a physical map, one would still be suggested do you have to struggle together with your net abroad. Or at the terribly least, check that to transfer AN offline map thus you’ll be able to access it at any time.

By beginning to pack early, you’ll be able to minimize stress and make sure that you’ve got an agreeable vacation.

9. Keep fun mementos of your trip

When you’re designing a visit, it’s straightforward to induce held altogether of the provision and forget to own fun. So, this can be one among the foremost necessary tips for having an agreeable vacation. Check that to form many reminiscences and preserve them consequently.

One of the most effective way to stay your vacation reminiscences alive is to require innumerable footage. But, rather than simply snapping selfies all over you go, take the time to capture some additional artistic shots. Came upon a rack and acquire a photograph of you and your travel companions ahead of an attractive landscape.

Or, frame a novel building or landmark within the background of your selfie. Taking footage as mementos can assist you to recollect all the tiny details of your trip that you simply would possibly forget otherwise.

And if footage donot seem to be your vogue, there are many alternative mementos you’ll be able to get. This will be something from postcards to key chains to magnets to an attractive shell you found on the beach.

Having these physical reminders of your trip can facilitate keep the reminiscences alive long when you come home. Plus, they create nice speech starters once friends and family raise regarding your trip!


Assuming you’ve got no pressing engagements or responsibilities reception, your vacation may be a first time for you to relax and luxuriate in yourself. whether or not meaning exploring a brand new town, pampering in some retail medical aid, or just lying on the beach with a decent book, check that to try to what brings you happiness. And don’t feel guilty regarding it – you merit it!

For first time travelers you should follow these tips. The weather is nice all year spherical. However betting on wherever you’re returning from, you’ll realize the unacquainted with heat throughout summer an excessive amount of. The hotter season lasts from could to October, however July and August are significantly hot. Pack in some sensible sun blocker, a wide-brimmed hat, and spectacles.


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